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Richard Schreiber is the father of a 16-year-old autistic girl, Katarina, and the Founder of the NYC Autism Community Group in Manhattan, which was created to help parents with children on the spectrum navigate their day-to-day challenges. With a background in tech, Richard’s passion is to bring innovation and career opportunities to autistic individuals so they can better themselves and live the lives they deserve.

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

  • Richard receiving his daughter’s diagnosis

  • Services she received growing up, including ABA and medical intervention

  • A memorable moment when Katarina proved others around her wrong

  • How Richard and his wife are preparing their daughter for adulthood

  • What he’s learned about himself from being a father

  • How society can move towards more acceptance and inclusion

  • Support and resources offered at the NYC Autism Community Group 

  • The NYC Autism Tech, Careers & Innovation Expo, which, due to unforeseen circumstances, has been postponed until September this year

To learn more about Richard and his work, please visit


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