Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when we relate through emotions. 

A globally recognized thought leader, author, speaker, and social-cognitive therapist, Michelle Garcia Winner is the Founder and CEO of Social Thinking, a company devoted to helping individuals gain stronger social awareness and social functioning skills through the Social Thinking Methodology. 

Across her 30-year career, Michelle has created numerous evidence-based strategies, treatment frameworks, and curricula to help interventionists develop social competencies in those they support. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

  • Grouping students based on social needs rather than diagnostic labels

  • How to increase social competence through 4 main steps: attend, interpret, problem-solve, and respond

  • Complex social concepts, like nuanced perspective taking

  • What a typical session at Michelle’s clinic might look like

  • Why small talk is embedded in most social situations

  • Autistic empathy

  • Navigating the dating world

  • Maintaining friendships

  • Tips for autistic people going into a job interview 

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