Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when we expand the meaning of independence. 

We’ve received great feedback about our previous Global Autism Community episodes, so we’ve decided to release another one! 

The topic of this round table discussion was Preparing for Adulthood, and its diverse panel included Dani Bowman, Robert Schmus, Cheryl Albright, and Cammie McGovern.

Dani is an autism self-advocate, animator, illustrator, teacher, and public speaker; Robert is an autism self-advocate, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and writer; Cheryl is an occupational therapist, certified yoga instructor, and autism sibling. Cammie is the mother of a 25-year-old autistic adult and has recently published a book titled Hard Landings: Looking into the Future of a Child with Autism

Other community members who participated in this event were Jeff Snyder, David Sharif, Kia Burton, and Karen Shapiro. 

As with previous community-event recordings, the sound quality is a bit inconsistent because we hadn’t originally planned it as a podcast episode. However, we’ve done our best to improve it, and I assure you that the stories and perspectives shared are really worth listening to. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss: 

  • Support and programs to help transition into adulthood

  • Essential skills that children and adolescents ought to learn

  • Different adult services available across the US

  • Living independently versus in communities

  • Applying for college or a job

  • Financial planning and budgeting 

To learn more about the panelists in this discussion, please visit:

Dani Bowman - 

Robert Schmus - [email protected] 

Cheryl Albright - Soul to Soul Yoga 

Cammie McGovern - 

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