Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when you belong. 

Have you ever heard the phrases, “You don’t look autistic,” or “Everyone’s a little bit autistic,” or “You can’t (fill in the blank) because you’re autistic”? 

If you or anyone you know has ever felt that their autistic experiences don’t matter, this is one episode you’ll want to listen to. 

We’re kicking off Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month with this roundtable discussion about overcoming prejudices and breaking the stigma around autism, facilitated by community moderator Danielle Terrell, and featuring Autistic Self-Advocates Thomas Iland, Brian Middleton, Corben Havener, Mary Johnston, Bob Schmus, Sara Bradford, and Amy Smith, as well as fellow community members, Rosetta Walker and Tj Larum. 

Among other things, we discuss: 

  • Ableism in the form of gaslighting

  • Masking as a defense mechanism

  • Breaking stereotypes

  • The Medical vs. the social model of disability

  • Autism in legal situations

  • Limitations set by some medical professionals

Would you like to share your own perspectives by participating in roundtables like the this one? Join our online Global Autism Community, a safe and judgment-free space where all kinds of people connected to autism regularly discuss important topics like autistic identity, dating on the spectrum, coping strategies, and many, many more. 

Let’s work together to transform how the world relates to autism. 


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