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Discover what’s possible when collaboration inspires change. 

Do you have a personal or professional connection to autism? Are you looking to collaborate with others and help the autistic community in a meaningful, sustainable way? Do you want to share your insights and make a positive impact on a global scale but don’t know where to start? 

If so, you’ll want to listen to this episode because our SkillCorps® volunteers share how they collaborated with a global team of autism professionals and advocates on their trip to our partner site in Kenya.

SkillCorps® is a carefully curated 10-day journey that includes developing culturally-relevant and sustainable training with our partner staff, listening to local Autistic Self-Advocates and family members to learn about their lived experiences, sharing meals with community members to brainstorm ideas and solutions, and executing a high-impact project to build on existing work being done in the country.

Last October, we sent a SkillCorps® team to visit our partners at Kaizora in Nairobi, Kenya. Kaizora offers comprehensive services for families, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, vocational training, special education, and social skills. 

In this episode you’ll hear from Maureen Gathogo, or “Moh” for short, the Operations Manager at Kaizora, Jessie Sheahan, our staff member who led the SkillCorps® team, and the SkillCorps® volunteers themselves. Next week, you’ll hear the team talk about their personal growth and takeaways. 

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Clinical training and outreach initiatives completed during the trip

  • Collaboration between professionals from different backgrounds

  • The Global Autism Project’s model Do With Not For

  • Cultural humility

  • Sustainable practices in international development

As you probably know if you follow our work closely, we’re also sending teams out in the field this July, and we’re currently taking SkillCorps® applications for travel in October! 

Join us today at and use the coupon code “AUTISMPODCAST” to waive the application fee. 


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