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This conversation with Molly and Pooja was originally released on August 26, 2021. We're re-releasing it today because we're excited to share that our recent SkillCorps® pilot trip to Nairobi, Kenya was a huge success!

Stay tuned for a future episode highlighting some special moments from that trip.

We are currently accepting SkillCorps® applications for travel in July 2023! Begin your journey today at As a listener of our show, take advantage of the coupon code AUTISMPODCAST to waive the application fee. 


Discover what’s possible when sustainability is made essential. 

Today we’re bringing back our CEO Molly Ola Pinney and our first Global Autism Project partner, Pooja Panesar from Kaizora in Nairobi, Kenya. 

For almost 20 years, the Global Autism Project has been providing sustainable clinical, administrative, and leadership training to autism centers around the world seeking guidance. Our SkillCorps® volunteer program is an opportunity for self-advocates and professionals to travel to our international partner sites and collaborate with their local communities. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Global Autism Project’s history and mission, please listen to our conversation with Molly in episode 2. To learn more about Pooja and her work at Kaizora, listen to episode 9 with her co-director Brooke Jedidah. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • The early days of partnership between Molly and Pooja

  • Sustainable support

  • How SkillCorps® is different from voluntourism or white saviorism

  • What Pooja likes to share about Kenyan culture with SkillCorps® teams

  • Advice for future SkillCorps® travelers 

To learn more about our organization and the work we do, please visit

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