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Discover what’s possible when constraint unlocks opportunity. 

Jayashree Ramesh is the Founder and Director of Academy for Severe Handicaps and Autism, ASHA for short, in Bangalore, India. The Global Autism Project partnered with ASHA in 2018 and we’ve since sent three SkillCorps® teams to their center. 

Founded by Molly Ola Pinney in 2003, the Global Autism Project provides sustainable clinical, administrative, and leadership training to autism centers seeking guidance. SkillCorps® is a volunteer opportunity for self-advocates and professionals to travel to our partner sites around the world and work directly with their local teachers and therapists. 

We are currently accepting SkillCorps® applications for travel in 2022. Begin your journey today at As a listener of our show, take advantage of the coupon code AUTISMPODCAST (no space and all caps) to waive the application fee. 

In this conversation, we discuss: 

  • The varying perspectives of autism across India

  • How Indian mothers and fathers accept autism differently

  • What Jayashree loves about working with the autistic population

  • Barriers she’s had to overcome when developing ASHA

  • Leadership and encouraging teamwork among staff

  • Effects of the pandemic on services at her center

  • The partnership between the Global Autism Project and ASHA

  • What she likes to share about Indian culture with our SkillCorps® teams

  • Advice for other professionals interested in starting their own center 

You’ll also hear us talk about Global Summit, which was our first annual conference held in Bali in 2019. It was a beautiful and inspiring week for all of our partners from around the world to connect and share ideas, stories, and resources. Global Summit was open for our SkillCorps® alumni to attend and receive continuing education credit as well. Watch our 2019 Global Summit video here

To learn more about Jayashree and ASHA, please visit


If you’re a professional working in the field of autism education, or a self-advocate wanting to share your life experiences, SkillCorps® is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Work alongside our Global Autism Partners to help ensure that all autistic individuals around the world have access to quality education and services. 

If you’d like to learn more about our SkillCorps® program, check out episodes 4, 17, 53, and 66, featuring SkillCorps® volunteers that have been to our partner sites in India, The Netherlands, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, and Kenya, to name a few. Listen to them talk about their transformative experiences and see what SkillCorps® can offer you!


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