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This conversation with Dr. Kerry Magro was originally released on March 18, 2021. We're re-releasing it today to highlight some of Kerry’s recent accomplishments.

Kerry's latest book, Autistics on Autism: Stories You Need to Hear About What Helped Them While Growing Up and Pursuing Their Dreams was released last year and has reached the Amazon Best-Seller List for Special Needs Parenting.


Discover what’s possible when authenticity gets the part. 

Dr. Kerry Magro is an autism self-advocate, international motivational speaker, best-selling author, entertainment consultant, and non-profit founder. 

Kerry is the author of the Amazon Best-Seller Defining Autism From The Heart, Autism and Falling in Love, and I Will Light It Up Blue. He also contributed to College for Students with Disabilities: We Do Belong (featuring other prominent advocates such as Temple Grandin and Stephen M. Shore), presented a TEDx talk titled “What happens to children with autism when they become adults?”, and currently blogs for several organizations, including Autism Speaks and The Mighty. 

As an entertainment consultant, Kerry has worked on the films Jane Wants a Boyfriend and Joyful Noise, starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton, as well as on the HBO series Mrs. Fletcher

His non-profit organization, KFM Making a Difference, aims to break down barriers for people with special needs by granting college scholarships to adults with autism. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • How autism has impacted Kerry’s life

  • How to prepare for transitioning to adulthood

  • Autism representation in the media

  • Common challenges people on the spectrum face when looking for a partner 

For more information about Kerry and his work, please visit: 

Kerry's website: 

Kerry's FB page: Kerry’s Autism Journey 


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