Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when self-awareness improves relationships. 

Paul Micallef is an Autistic Self-Advocate from Melbourne, Australia. A former aerospace engineer with a passion for teaching, Paul publishes videos about autism on his YouTube channel Autism From The Inside. He also offers an autism-friendly online course on emotional intelligence, as well as relationship coaching for autistic people and their loved ones. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss: 

  • Paul discovering his autism 

  • Some ways he feels misunderstood

  • What made Paul decide to cut off his dreadlocks

  • Masking and burnout

  • Misconceptions about autism

  • How Paul learned emotional intelligence

  • Reading subtle social cues

  • Developing self-awareness and regulating his own emotions

  • Relationship management

  • Situations in which Paul may or may not disclose his autism

  • Changing people’s perceptions about autism

  • The Double Empathy Problem

  • The 2022 Autism From The Inside Summit Launch Event (, which starts on September 19th

  • Advice for autistic people who are struggling to build relationships

To learn more about Paul Micallef and his work, please visit


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