Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when you learn to accept yourself. 

Mary Johnston is a 21-year-old Autistic Self-Advocate from New Hampshire. She hosts a blog called Autistic Rainbow 15 where she shares LGBTQ+ and disability-friendly tips, as well as information about inclusion and disability rights. A long-time member of our online Global Autism Community, Mary recently joined the moderator team to help ensure our space remains safe and respectful.

In today’s conversation, we discuss: 

  • Mary receiving her diagnosis at 12 years old

  • Receiving occupational therapy and speech therapy in school

  • Coping with bullying and how she processes her feelings

  • Her autistic strengths

  • A poem she wrote titled “A Letter to My Autism”

  • Service animals and our shared love for dogs

  • Sensory struggles related to lights, sounds, and close proximity to other people

  • Challenges with finding employment

  • Her dream job

  • Derealization, anxiety, and depression

  • What she likes about being a community moderator for the Global Autism Community

  • Puzzle piece representation 

  • Advice for other autistic women 

To learn more about Mary, please visit Autistic Rainbow 15


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