Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when the audience takes the mic. 

This week, we are celebrating the one-year anniversary of our podcast! It’s been an eye-opening journey that continues to leave us surprised, inspired, and moved. 

We’ve learned so much from self-advocates sharing their experiences, family members talking about accepting their children’s diagnoses, and professionals discussing best practices in the field of autism services. 

We’ve covered a wide range of topics, such as ableism, masking, the neurodiversity movement, intersectionality, disability rights, cultural humility, and international collaboration. A huge thank you to all of our guests for openly sharing your stories and educating us about your perspectives. 

In today’s episode, we’ll be highlighting some of our dedicated listeners who have continuously supported this podcast over the last year. We want to give our community a chance to express what they’ve taken away from listening to the show. You’ll hear from Cameron Burrell, Griffen Wharbolt, Swathi Srinivas, Mary Johnston, Carrin Whitehurst, Nicole Ezcurra, Colleen Dorsey, and Liz Castillo. 

I’d like to give a special shout-out to Liz, who had been working as a Global Autism Project team member until the beginning of this month. She just recently had her second child and is busy embarking on a new chapter, but she’ll always be a part of the team. Liz had been cultivating relationships with our community on social media since we launched the podcast. Not only did she ensure our guests’ messages reached our followers, she also encouraged our audience to listen with an open mind. Liz has played an integral role in reminding us to do with the autistic community and not for them. This compilation episode was actually her idea. She’s been a trusted colleague, a dear friend, and just such a beautiful human all around. We wish you all the best in your new endeavors, Liz! 

Other team members who help make this podcast happen are Trang Tran and Linda Zheng. Trang, thank you for creating our beautiful visuals and audiograms week after week. Linda, thank you for managing guest relations and keeping us organized. And of course, this podcast wouldn’t even be possible without Molly believing in the idea from day one. 

Episodes mentioned:

39. Why the World Needs All Kinds of Minds, with Dr. Temple Grandin 

33. Bullying, Breakthroughs, and Basketball, with Anthony Ianni 

22. Music Therapy and Autism in Australia, with Pamela Fisher 

11. The Ability Beyond Disabilities, with Rachel Barcellona 

49. Special Education and Disability Rights, with Michael Gilberg 

43. Social Media and Intersectional Advocacy, with Tiffany Hammond 

8. Finding Strength in Adversity, with Russell Lehmann 

47. Neurodiversity in Popular Cartoon Characters, with Jeff Snyder 

46. Autism in the Black American Community, with Maria Davis-Pierre 

28. Occupational Therapy and Yoga for the Special Child, with Cheryl Albright 


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