Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when caring is enough to make a difference. 

Today’s episode is part two of Team Saudi Arabia’s SkillCorps® journey. If you haven’t yet listened to part one, I encourage you to go back to episode 100 so that you can hear about the first half of the team’s trip. 

If you have any personal or professional connection with autism, that is, if you’re a self-advocate, teacher, therapist, or another type of service provider, these two special episodes are meant for you. 

Today, you’ll hear excerpts from conversations about: 

  • Clinical training at our partner site Namaee

  • The Namaee therapists sharing insights about their culture

  • The impact of our work on future generations of autistic people

  • The Namaee staff’s takeaways from our collaboration

  • Our team’s personal and professional growth

  • Advice for future SkillCorps® travelers

Trips for July 2022 have filled up fast. We’re still taking applications for travel in October to Saudi Arabia and other partner sites, including Ecuador, Dominican Republic, China, India, Indonesia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda. Spots are limited so if you’re thinking about applying, now is the time. 

Sign up today at and use the coupon code “autismpodcast” to waive the application fee. 


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