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Discover what’s possible when someone holds your hand. 

Have you ever tried to look for autism services and found the process long, stressful, or confusing? If you’re the parent of a child with autism, you’ve probably found that the path to available resources is often far from clear. 

However, professionals like today’s guest, Kathryn Petersen, are committed to making this journey easier. 

Kathryn is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the Founder of 2 Steps Forward Consulting, a company offering early-intervention coaching to help parents navigate the system. 

In this conversation, among other things, we discuss: 

  • Why Kathryn decided to start her consulting company

  • What the autism-diagnosis process typically looks like for parents (from recognizing early signs in their children to receiving services)

  • Common struggles parents face within the system 

  • How parents can collaborate in setting and prioritizing goals

  • What to look for in a service provider

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