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Discover what’s possible when you lift yourself up to help others. 

Have you or anyone you know ever been bullied or abused because of being autistic?

If so, you’ll want to listen to this episode with Eren Niederhoffer, where he talks about how he’s learned to overcome many years of abuse at the hands of his own family.

Eren Niederhoffer is an Autistic Self-Advocate, community networker, and public speaker. He is a Board Member of the Atlanta Autism Consortium and the NeuroDiversity TaskForce, as well as the former President of Atlanta Autism Self-Advocacy Network, where he co-created the Atlanta's All-Women's Autism Panel and African-American Autism Panel.

In this conversation, among other things, we discuss:

  • Eren’s tumultuous relationship with his father and siblings

  • Common struggles autistic people face in social situations, like reading facial cues and nonverbal language

  • When to mask and unmask

  • How Eren has helped his colleagues understand his autism 


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