Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when autism representation in the media is accurate. 

Have you ever been disappointed by the representation of autism in movies, TV shows, or other media? Or, on the other hand, have you ever resonated with some of the characters with autistic traits that you’ve seen on screen?

Whether you’ve had one of these experiences or both, stick around, because today’s episode is a roundtable discussion where we address the question, “How can the entertainment industry improve their representation of autism?”

I’m sure you’ll find this conversation as engaging as I did. Among other things, we talked about:

  • How movies like Rainman and other early representations of autism led to inaccurate stereotypes

  • The ethics of Autistic characters being played by Autistic vs. non-Autistic actors 

  • Implicit vs. explicit Autistic characters in shows like Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Atypical and The Big Bang Theory

  • The need to increase representation of non-speaking Autistics

Participants in this roundtable include Autistic Self-Advocates Andrew Bennett, Michelle Vinokurov, Corben Havener, Mary Johnston, and Christina Kaspersen, and fellow members of our online Global Autism Community Ali Carbone, Cheryl Albright, Tj Larum and Danielle Terrell.


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