Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when accessibility goes beyond a checklist. 

Have you ever come across a website that was difficult to navigate? Were you frustrated that you couldn’t accomplish what you wanted to do, whether it was pay a bill, schedule a doctor’s visit, or attend a zoom call? 

Well, you’re definitely not alone. It’s not uncommon for neurodivergent people to feel left out of digital spaces. The good news is accessibility guidelines already exist to ensure websites can be easily navigated. 

If you want to know about how these standards are upheld, listen to this conversation I had with Maxwell Huffman and Jen Goubeaud, where we delve deep into the work that they do at Aspiritech, a quality-assurance company with over 90% of autistic employees. 

Maxwell is Autistic himself and oversees operations across all of Aspiritech’s program lines, including software quality assurance, accessibility, and data services. And Jen, who has ADHD, is the program manager for the company’s accessibility program line. 

In this conversation, among other things, we discuss:

  • Accessibility criteria that websites needs to meet

  • Using screen readers for the visually impaired

  • How a neurodiverse team can help to assess user experience

  • Moments that make Maxwell and Jen feel proud to be working at Aspiritech

  • Tips for employers wanting to increase neurodiversity in the workplace

Do you know anyone else who might find value in this episode? Maybe your boss or coworkers would also like to learn how to make your workplace more neurodivergent-friendly.

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