Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when a butterfly spreads her wings. 

Cassidy Hooper is a 27-year-old autistic self-advocate from Mississippi who also has a rare genetic condition called Turner Syndrome. As the President of The Arc of Northeast Mississippi Autism Now Division, she mentors other autistic people and connects them with resources in their area. Some of her other advocacy work includes volunteering for Autism Grown Up and the Turner Syndrome Foundation. Cassidy also hosts her own podcast called The Diverse Butterfly, in which she spreads awareness about Turner Syndrome and aims to inspire others to follow their goals. 

Sadly, shortly after we recorded this interview, Cassidy’s mother passed away from a sudden heart attack. This episode is in memory of Regina Hooper. 

Mrs. Hooper was a strong advocate for Cassidy throughout her life, always fighting for what she thought was best for her family. She was a sweet and caring mother, wife, grandmother, and teacher’s assistant who loved children. Regina Hooper will be missed by Cassidy and so many others whose lives were touched by her kind and tender spirit. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss: 

  • What Turner Syndrome is and how it affects Cassidy’s life

  • Receiving her autism diagnosis at 17

  • Her learning style and special interests 

  • The lack of support for adults with disabilities in rural areas of the US

  • Advice for other girls and women with Turner Syndrome 

To learn more about Cassidy Hooper and Turner Syndrome, you can listen to her podcast The Diverse Butterfly


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