Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when a child can fly free.

Bobby Rubio is the writer and director of the Pixar SparkShort Float, which is a short animated film inspired by his relationship with his autistic son, Alex. Float is available for streaming on Disney+. For a limited time, you can also watch Float on Pixar's YouTube channel.

Currently a Story Artist at Pixar, Bobby is known for his work on Hercules, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and Incredibles 2, which earned him an Annie Awards nomination for Outstanding Achievement for Storyboarding in an Animated Feature Production. Bobby is also the creator and owner of his independent comics and intellectual properties: Alcatraz High, 4 Gun Conclusion, and Neighborhood Legend. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

  • Bobby’s journey of accepting his son’s autism

  • The creative process of producing Float

  • The stigma of mental health within the Filipino community

  • Tips for parents whose children have received an autism diagnosis 

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