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Discover what’s possible when diversity strengthens the workplace. 

Our guests today are Stephanie De Kremer and Russell Botting. Stephanie and Russell are employees at Auticon, which is an IT consulting business that employs over 200 adults on the autism spectrum as IT consultants. Stephanie is one of them, and Russell is her job coach. They work together at Auticon’s office in London, England. 

With branches across the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Australia, Auticon is an international social enterprise whose mission is to improve the employment prospects of autistic people. They aim to provide high-quality careers for skilled autistic adults, shift perceptions in the workplace by placing consultants into client teams, and act as a catalyst for clients to bring more neurodiversity to their wider workforce. 

In this conversation, Stephanie and Russell discuss their experiences working at Auticon and offer ideas about how other companies could increase neurodiversity in the workplace. They also talk about what services are available to families in the UK from diagnosis to adulthood. 

Stephanie explains what it was like for her to find out about her autism later in life and what she wishes neurotypicals would consider when communicating with her. She also shares her special interests and strengths related to autism. 

For more information about our guests and the work that they do, please visit Auticon UK. To learn more about Stephanie's wrestling career, you can follow her on Instagram @kiara_wrestler


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