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Sangeeta Jain is the mother of a 21-year-old young man with autism, Suvrat. Her older daughter Shreya was featured in episode 6 of this podcast, where she talked about growing up with a sibling on the spectrum. Sangeeta is also the vice-principal at SOREM, a school for children with disabilities in Chandigarh, India. 

The Global Autism Project partnered with SOREM in 2010. We have since sent close to 30 SkillCorps volunteer teams to provide hands-on sustainable training to their teachers and staff. 

In today’s conversation, Sangeeta talks about the understanding of autism in India and the lack of standardization in the services available there. We also discuss her son’s diagnosis, the relationship between her two children, and what she envisions for Suvrat’s future. 

Sangeeta also shares how SOREM has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and what she’s learned about leadership over the years. As one of the original Global Autism Partners, Sangeeta tells a special anecdote from when a particular SkillCorps volunteer team visited her country. 

For more information about SOREM, please visit their website and follow them on Instagram @soremcare36


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