Show Notes


This conversation with Cheryl Albright was originally released on September 24, 2020. We are re-releasing it today to acknowledge Cheryl’s commitment to our mission at the Global Autism Project. 

Since discovering our podcast and applying to become a guest on the show, Cheryl has joined our online Global Autism Community, participated in Virtual Leadership Academy, traveled with us on a SkillCorps trip to Rwanda, and most recently, become a member of our new Affiliate program. Cheryl has also contributed to an exciting project that we’ve been working on: the Responsive Skills Training Curriculum (RST).

Thank you, Cheryl, for continuing to show up and play full out. We value your dedication and collaboration. 

To learn more about RST and our new Affiliate program, please listen to episode 120 with our CEO Molly Ola Pinney.


Discover what’s possible when you balance your body and stretch your mind. 

Cheryl Albright is an occupational therapist, certified yoga instructor, and autism sibling. She is the owner of Soul to Soul Yoga, a studio offering yoga therapy for adults and children of all abilities. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

  • What occupational therapy is

  • How Cheryl became involved in the field

  • Why she applies a trauma-informed approach when treating children with autism

  • The benefits of practicing yoga and self-regulation techniques

For more information about Cheryl Albright and her work, please visit her websites:

Special Sib 

Soul to Soul Yoga 


Integrating a Neurosequential Approach in the Treatment of Traumatized Children 


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