Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when you ask for help. 

This week’s episode is a recording of one of our Global Autism Community exclusive events! The topic of this roundtable was Accommodations and Accessibility at School and Work. 

The participants were Autistic Self-Advocate Andrew Bennett, mothers Karen Shapiro and Neena Wagh, and community members Tj Larum and Brenda Canas, and the discussion was facilitated by community moderator Danielle Terrell. 

I want to acknowledge Danielle for her commitment to our mission at the Global Autism Project. Soon after discovering our podcast, Danielle joined our online Global Autism Community, participated in our Virtual Leadership Academy course, became a member of our Affiliate program, traveled with us on a SkillCorps® trip to India, and most recently stepped into a role as community moderator. Danielle is also now managing our podcast Instagram and guest communications. 

Thank you, Danielle, for all that you do. Your hard work and dedication are helping this podcast and our community grow! 

In today’s conversation, we discuss: 

  • The importance of knowing your rights when it comes to accommodations

  • How to determine what reasonable accommodations are

  • How accommodations can vary across different cultures

  • Advocacy skills and why they should be taught

  • Empowering parents and students

  • The freedom to disclose or not


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