Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when sensory needs are met. 

David McIntyre is the Founder and CEO of Cubbie, an immersive personal space of sound and vision that uses Personalized Sensory Regulation (PSR) technology to regulate people with autism and sensory needs. Based in Ireland, David is the father of two autistic girls and also neurodivergent himself, diagnosed with dyslexia.

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Autism awareness, acceptance, and services in Ireland

  • David’s early fears of being diagnosed and how he came to accept his dyslexia

  • How autism presents differently for David’s two daughters

  • The potential problem of with using diagnoses as excuses

  • David’s inspiration for developing Cubbie

  • The four different types of sensory needs the Cubbie team has identified

  • How occupational therapists use Cubbie to regulate student sensory-processing systems 

  • What kinds of audiovisual media come with a Cubbie experience

  • Tips for other parents of autistic children

To learn more about David McIntyre and Cubbie, please visit


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