Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when connections go deeper. 

This week’s episode features our recent cohort of Global Autism Community moderators: Self-Advocates Michelle Vinokurov, Corben Havener, and Mary Johnston. 

In June 2022, Michelle, Corben, and Mary joined our team of moderators, which also included Liz Castillo, who was unable to join this recording. The team usually meets to discuss the community’s monthly theme and decide which subtopics they will post about each week. Throughout each month, the moderators take turns monitoring posts daily to ensure that our online space remains safe and respectful. 

We are currently taking applications for our next round of moderators to join our team! If you’re interested in developing your leadership skills, expanding your network as an advocate, and stepping outside of your comfort zone, follow the link below to join our team. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

  • Proud moments of 2022

  • The team’s experiences as community moderators

  • Goals and priorities for 2023

  • Advice for future moderators of our community

Apply to join our team here ->>> Global Autism Community Moderator Application

This is a unique opportunity to grow personally, develop professionally, and make meaningful connections! 


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