Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when you’re ready to have fun. 

This week’s episode is a recording of one of our Global Autism Community exclusive events!

The topic of this roundtable discussion was Summer Travel and Holidays. It was hosted by community moderator Corben Havener. Corben is an Autistic Self-Advocate from Indiana who joined our moderator team this last June. 

Participating in this event were community members Danielle Terrell, Liz Castillo, and myself. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

  • Dealing with hot weather and changing temperatures 

  • Amusement parks and roller coasters

  • Accommodations such as sensory-processing break areas

  • Tips for traveling by plane and car

  • Challenges with fireworks during holidays

  • Interruptions in routines

  • Summer camps 

Round-table discussions like the one you’ll hear today are open exclusively for members of our online Global Autism Community. We select a different theme each month, and our moderators monitor posts daily to ensure that our online space remains safe and respectful. If you’d like to attend and participate in any of our future events, you can sign up today at


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