Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when you choose acceptance. 

This week’s episode is a recording of one of our Global Autism Community exclusive events. 

The topic of this roundtable discussion was Inclusion and Acceptance. It was hosted by community moderator David Sharif, just a few days before his sudden passing last April. I was unable to attend this event, so I had asked David to fill in for me. He did an amazing job facilitating this discussion, and I’m glad he had the opportunity to step up in this way. 

Participating in this event were autism self-advocates Jeff Snyder, Mary Johnston, Corben Havener, Olivia Hops, Scott Edgar, and Michelle Vinokurov, as well as community members Danielle Terrell, Ben Sharif, Karen Shapiro, and Liz Castillo. 

In today’s conversation, they discuss: 

  • Coping with different situations

  • Teammates or other people that helped the participants feel accepted

  • Bullying perseverance 

  • School assemblies and fire drills

  • Teaching non-autistic children about inclusion from a young age 

Round-table discussions like the one you’ll hear today are open exclusively for members of our online Global Autism Community. We select a different theme each month, and our moderators monitor posts daily to ensure that our online space remains safe and respectful. If you’d like to attend and participate in any of our future events, you can sign up today at

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