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Discover what’s possible when you redesign the approach. 

Originally from Australia and currently living in the US, Lois Letchford is the mother of three young men, two of whom are on the autism spectrum. She has also personally struggled with dyslexia her entire life; however, she now uses it to her advantage as a literary spokesperson for learners who have fallen behind in the traditional classroom. 

In her book Reversed: A Memoir, Lois tells the story of her son’s journey of learning to read. Through coaching and workshops at international conferences, TV appearances, and radio stations, she teaches educators and parents how to create flexible learning environments using comprehensive and innovative teaching methods. 

In this conversation, we discuss: 

  • What dyslexia is and how it affects Lois’ life

  • Her sons’ autism and their interests

  • How a teacher’s negative comment pushed her to become a reading specialist

  • Some of the biggest mistakes educators make when teaching kids how to read

  • The Deficit Theory

  • Her teaching philosophy: MAPS

  • Thinking outside of the box to teach autistic children how to read

  • Tips to identify trauma in the learning environment

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