Show Notes

Discover what’s possible when you act yourself. 

Our guest today is Grace Everett. An autistic self-advocate, Grace is also a second-year college student, a theater artist, and an award-winning playwright. Her work in musical theater includes playing the title role in Carrie and Jo March in Little Women.

The first play she wrote, The Last Sunrise of August 1973, won Texas Thespian Playworks in 2019, and several of her other plays have been performed across the US by various youth theaters and professional companies. 

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

  • Grace finding out about her autism at age 18 

  • Unmasking

  • Queer identity and self-acceptance

  • How Grace’s diagnosis influenced her acting

  • Increasing autistic representation in the arts

  • What Grace likes about writing and acting

  • Transitioning into college

  • Advice for autistic actors

To learn more about Grace, please visit

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